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You can contact me by phone at the number below which forwards to my cellphone. There's a VoiceMail but it takes a few rings, so don't call in the middle of the night! Please.
416 630 5921

Why "FacZen"?

"FAC" originally stood for "Firearms Acquisition Certificate". When I started teaching the Canadian Firearms Safety Course in 1994 I named the company "FAC Firearms Academy Canada" (since sold). When I established my First Aid Kit production and marketing company, I dubbed it "FAC First Aid".

"Zen" comes from the "Zen Riders Motorcycle Club" which I helped to found in the late '90s. Although I left the club due to an unsavoury lawyer and his cronies, I retain part of the rights to the name and continue to use it in conjunction with the "Zen Riders Network", an internet site for motorcycle enthusiasts.

So "FacZen" kind of defines who I am and where I'm coming from. I use it now to identify and protect my photos and writings. It's sort of my "Nom de Plume"!