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You can contact me by phone at the number below which forwards to my cellphone. There's a VoiceMail but it takes a few rings, so don't call in the middle of the night! Please.
416 630 5921

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In 2007 I moved up to the Haliburton Highlands where I own a house on 12 Mile Lake.

I've always had a lot of interests and hobbies. From chess and football and fast cars and jazz guitar and ham radio and photography in my youth and college years (some mixture, huh?), I became interested in outdoor activities like camping and fishing. In the early '80s, my passion became hunting and shooting. I was an international level competitor in IPSC combat pistol, and since I am a teacher by avocation (I missed my calling. I declined an offer to teach at McGill, but hindsight is always 20/20), I started teaching the combat pistol course and the Canadian Firearms courses.

In the mid-'90s I became interested in motorcycling and it became my passion. I rode a 2001 Honda ST-1100 sport-touring bike and did at least one long trip every year. I switched to a KLR 650 dual sport so I could explore the back roads up in the Haliburton Highlands, but I've given it up now because of creeping old age and physical considerations. I taught new motorcyclists and the more advanced "M2-Exit" course at Humber College since 2001, where I retired as a Senior Instructor in 2012.

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