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You can contact me by phone at the number below which forwards to my cellphone. There's a VoiceMail but it takes a few rings, so don't call in the middle of the night! Please.
416 630 5921

About "Glenn Springer"

I was born September 8, 1946 which means I turned 69 years old this September! Imagine that! I'm starting to feel my age. I grew up in Montreal where I went to school (my degree from McGill is in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics), met and married my wife (former wife: divorced after many years of marriage) and had two kids, Lori and Jamie. Lori's a mom, with kids Ryan and Kelly and she and Richard live in Uxbridge. She works for the York Region School Board. Rich is an Air Traffic Controller at Oshawa Airport but training for a move to Pearson International. Jamie lives in New York, he moved there after earning his Masters degree in Public Policy from Harvard. Jamie is a partner in the consulting firm HRA Advisors where he works on enormous projects(his boss says his job is to "re-imagine how cities will develop". He and Maria were married in 2008 and their two girls are Leah and Amalia. Maria is the President of the New York Economic Development Corporation.

I spent many years in the corporate sector. When we moved to Toronto in 1983, I was Director of the Components Division at Siemens. I left the company in 1986 and started my own business services and desktop publishing company, which closed some years later. Since then, I've taught Firearms Safety courses and motorcycle training, and I've been running an online business marketing First Aid kits and supplies and my new love is photography and teaching photo workshops.

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