Glenn Springer's website portal

You can contact me by phone at the number below which forwards to my cellphone. There's a VoiceMail but it takes a few rings, so don't call in the middle of the night! Please.
416 630 5921

What's a "Website Portal"?

I've got a lot of stuff going on. And much of it is internet based, so my email signature lines have started to get rather complicated!

I set up this site as a way to link to most of my online interests, and as a way to contact me, either online or on the phone. Like everyone else, I'm very tired of receiving SPAM at my published email addresses, so the email links on this site are spam-protected by JavaScript.

You don't have JavaScript enabled so you would email me by using the following address (suitably modified): "glenn(dot)springer(at)faczen(dot)com".

As time goes by, I'll be editing the links at right to add more areas of interest and connections to my friends, business associates and acquaintances. Watch for it!

So what's the significance of the name, "FacZen"?

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